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Trading up to 2022 RT

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I'm thinking of trading up from 2015 RT to the 2022 RT and wondering if some have made similar move and could comment. Other than a new bike and a new warranty the reasons are:
ShiftCam technology; claims smoother and better low speed control. How does this play out?
ACC feature of DCC; reducing speed in curves while using DCC. I assume this is related to the Ride Mode. How does this feature work? I like the idea of the DCC although I don't really use the CC that much. Good safety feature.
How does the new NAV work and can I still use my NAV from 2015 model.
If you made recent upgrade, has it been a good move for you? I have only 36K mi on my 2015 and love it. But contemplating the change. Thanks for any thoughts.
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