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Who is this guy?

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Wes said, " if you don't vote, you can't complain!"

Rather than complain, however, I'd like to be part of shaping the Club. I'm a forum user, so this seems like the best place for me to start. Many people liken riding to piloting and they are similar. If you don't pursue excellence all the time then you are wasting opportunity. I believe you can learn something from anyone, if you listen. Did I mention I like Motorcycles? I like to wrench so I have the equipment and tools to do that. Perfection is the goal, seek the best from yourself always.

Other than that I'm pretty boring. I've developed some issues that limit my mobility although I can ride the motorcycle and the bicycle. I usually ride alone. I took a 3500 mile solo motorcycle trip to the Rockies last summer. I like day rides and my wife of 35 years will ride pillion.

After spending most of 34 years in the cockpit I've seen my fill of hotels and restaurants. I like to cook and make bread. I like drag racing and want to attend motorcycle racing.
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