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  1. R 1150 r

    I recently picked up a 2002, R 1150 R - looked like a fun bike for short rides. I am a tall guy and had planned on making modifications to accommodate my long legs. Handlebar risers with a draw back,
    Corbin custom seat and built tall. The problem I am having is finding aftermarket parts to lower my foot pegs, rear break and shift lever. Does anyone have experience or know of a source for a foot control lowering kit?
  2. Barkbusters

    Has anyone installed VPS Barkbusters on a 2017 R1200GS Rallye? I bought the kit at the Iowa Rally and went to YouTube for installation instructions, but the examples were different than my bike. The OEM handguards look like they are connected to the mirror and it doesn’t look like there is room for the inner point connection?
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  3. The Life of Marley.

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    Meet Marley, A well maintained 2002 R1150R. A little about her. She started out her life on the east coast in Connecticut. At some she lived in New York City. She started out yellow, but somewhere along the way she went all black on us. I liker her this way. She made her way to Texas in 2014 living in the Austin area. I'm the third and a half owner. I say 3rd 1/2 because the imminent previous owner only had her for a few weeks and didn't title her. She has a Two Brother ...
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  4. Live Video Streaming Cameras for Motorcycles

    Does anyoe have any thoughts or suggestions for a camera to hook onto a helmet for effective live streaming?
  5. Safety Recall (July 10, 2017 | Recall Campaign No. 17V-438)

    Affecting: 2016 R 1200 GS

    Does anyone know more about the above Recall?

    Thank you,
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