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  2. Riding Gear

    Would like to get some feed back on new riding gear. What superior gear are you using?
    I've been using BMW Rallye 2 jacket and pants for a number years but it's not water proof without the inner liners as I found out in southern Oregon and its protection is feeling dated.
    I'm looking at Klim gear, particularly the Apex jacket & Latitude pants. Badlands are too badass, I don't need that formidable of gear. I don't do a lot of off road anymore but plenty of road trips.
  3. 2008 RT Brake Failure light

    My brake failure light comes on at times, indicating or the result of ABS failure,( have tested abs in controlled situation). If I shut it down for a period of time and recycles it goes off as it should. Only seems to come on when I use the rear brake. Owners manual says take it to a dealer of course. Manual suggests its in the controller. Brakes work fine just no abs. Thoughts. I just hate going to the dealer $$$$
  4. Who is this guy?

    Wes said, " if you don't vote, you can't complain!"

    Rather than complain, however, I'd like to be part of shaping the Club. I'm a forum user, so this seems like the best place for me to start. Many people liken riding to piloting and they are similar. If you don't pursue excellence all the time then you are wasting opportunity. I believe you can learn something from anyone, if you listen. Did I mention I like Motorcycles? I like to wrench so I have the equipment and tools ...
  5. R 1150 r

    I recently picked up a 2002, R 1150 R - looked like a fun bike for short rides. I am a tall guy and had planned on making modifications to accommodate my long legs. Handlebar risers with a draw back,
    Corbin custom seat and built tall. The problem I am having is finding aftermarket parts to lower my foot pegs, rear break and shift lever. Does anyone have experience or know of a source for a foot control lowering kit?
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