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Thread: Looking for a used Valve Cover 07 F650G S/M

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    Looking for a used Valve Cover 07 F650G S/M

    Greetings All,

    I'm looking for a used valve cover or a source for a used valve cover for an "07" F650G S/M part # 11 12 7 652 865. Looks like the battery leaked acid on top of the cover, weekend the the plastic and wore a hole it, oil is spewing abundantly. Any leads?

    Thanks to all in advance.


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    Used Valve Cover

    Sounds like you also need a sealed battery.

    I would try both of these places. I have had good luck with each.

    My quick look didn't see anything at rubbersideup but the Brits had one. Don't know if it's the one you need.

    Good luck.

    Wayne Koppa
    Grayling, MI

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