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Thread: Spiegler brake lines installed...99' R1100R

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    Spiegler brake lines installed...99' R1100R

    Thanks to all who offered valuable advise/insite on stainless brake in kits...went with the Spiegler lines...
    Install was super easy, I did flush both front and rear circuits with a hand vac bleeder prior to installing new stainless lines...

    Brake feel is incredible and very responsive...lines look great as I opted for the natural aluminum ends with a translucent blue jacket to match the bike...quality of these line are fantastic...
    I only had to rotate one end for correct alignment, Spiegler supplies plastics parts to rotate the ends,(if necessary)so as not to mar/chew up the ends when rotating...
    Thanks to all who offered advise on different bleeding techniques...greatly appreciated.
    I'll post pics of the lines installed. rubber lines were original and *looked good* on the outside...after 17 years, they clearly were shot, as my brake feel is significantly retrospect, I should have replaced these immediately after purchasing the bike (4 months ago) as some brake failure due to age of line was most likely imminent.

    If your not sure of the age of the brake lines, best off replacing them...not worth your safety.
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    I've ordered the brake lines along and hand vac from Spiegler, and also new CL brake pads and brake fluid from beemerboneyard. Brakes should be good after this ...
    1998 R1100R 75th Anniversary Special Edition w/ ABS

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