This thread is a "sharing" moment. Be careful what you back on Kickstarter; or at least be clear about your expectations, because if you expect professionalism, you may be disappointed.

I pledged $50 to help bring to life "Sit Stay Ride 2, Sidecar Dogs Return"

Mar 2016
Anywhere in the world

As a backer, one get's to view updates by the creators and make comments.
The delivery date of the final product with other goodies was estimated for March 2016; as stated by the creator.

You can get a sense of timelines and comments here...

Updates by Eric Ristau, were few and far between. So a few of us, made "comments" asking for updates on the projects progress. We heard nothing, and nothing, and... then finally an update came, saying things like, "Still progressing, thanks for your support..."

Then nothing, and time ticks on. So a few more "asks" for updates, and silence. Then in April 2016 an update, re: ya still working on it, thanks for your patience...

Then nothing, then some folks asking for an update, and then I am the only one left asking. I am thinking, that is strange, but ask again. Nothing derogatory, just "hey, any updates". After all it was the creators timeline, not mine.

Then I receive this email on 2016 Aug 26...

Eric Ristau and Geneva Liimatta says:
Neil, While we appreciate your original intent to support the film, your ongoing public comments are too much to take. We are working to make a film and have better things to do than deal with consistently impatient backers. We have refunded your pledge and wish you well. Sincerely, Eric Ristau

Now, I don't know about you, but I manage multi-million dollar projects, and when people commit to timelines, I expect them to meet it, or provide updates as to why they are unable to meet the date, with a clear projection of what they forecast the new date to be.

I also expect clear and frequent communications - for this type of project once every 4 to 6 weeks, a few words stating the status of the project. Doesn't have to be lots of detail, doesn't have to be long, a few words, a sentence or two. That just communicates that the creators are paying attention and working to deliver their promised product.

I am not complaining about getting a refund. I didn't ask for it, all I wanted was a truthful update. I was happy to help with the project.

From Eric's response above, I assume I was the lone voice near the end, because they shut all others down from asking for updates through the same mechanism that they just used on me. Once you are no longer a backer, you can no longer make comments.

So there you go.

The consequence, now I won't even buy the product, or rent it, once it is released. Likely no skin off of Eric's nose, but I am no longer a supporter and will not be suggesting to others that they buy or rent this movie. Again, likely little impact, but in my experience, "word of mouth" advertising is still some of the best mechanisms to create sales.

c'est la vie