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Thread: Headlight upgrade 02 K12 RS

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    Headlight upgrade 02 K12 RS

    My low beam is gone on my k1200rs. Looking for suggested upgrades that have been successful.


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    Hi there Auggie

    Not sure what year your RS is, but I believe your RS is a Flying Brick K. The Wedges started in 05

    I'll move this thread over there in a bit

    May get some answers shortly, you looking for HID type upgrade?
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    It's an '02. What's a HID upgrade?

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    take a look

    I put an HID low beam kit into my 02 K12RS. Makes a world of difference. I'd blown out two bulbs in three years- and the original headlamp is shyte anyway.
    Considering one for the high beam too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigAuggie View Post
    It's an '02. What's a HID upgrade?
    an HID upgrade is also known as LIGHT!!
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    and to actually answer the question: High Intensity Discharge

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    Get the warmer temperature bulbs that are recommended, too Blue and you can't see things as well. The HID upgrade, for me, was very much appreciated, especially on damp dark roads with little reflective material to bounce off of. Like night and day and not that difficult to install, though it is more difficult on the '02
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