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Thread: Road Warnings - Southern UT

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    Road Warnings - Southern UT

    Just back from a 2 week, 3300 mile run around in Utah and CO.

    1) Although a beautiful state, we were highly dismayed at the condition of repair of several roads in Utah, as well as the overall poor quality road surfaces.
    UT 90, between Paradox Valley (Naturita) and La Sal was particularly miserable. Big, fat tar snakes, very greasy.. almost lost my front tire on a tight uphill on a hot day. Having a similarly exciting experience, the 3 H-D riders behind me all stopped to see what was wrong with their tires. Sue, running behind me, let them know it wasn't their bikes but the road. Nasty business.

    2) UT 12, from Torrey to Bryce Canyon. Again, nasty tar snakes. the climb/drop-down thru Escalante Staircase NM was a true workout, as not only did I find myself playing the road for positioning, I was doing the same with those pesky tar snakes. This road appeared to be a major breeding ground for the buggers, as they covered the road in massive quantities, with numbers reaching into the many, many hundreds, possibly even thousands per mile. Not as greasy skinned as the UT90 species, but still thoroughly annoying, and potentially dangerous.

    3) Sections of most other smaller secondary roads we traveled were likewise littered with these vile reptilian monsters, but none to the extent of either 12 or 90. Beyond that... chip seal in UT really sucks. It seems to be a very rough conglomerate, rather than the finer stuff I grew up with in CT.

    4) It was a delight when we crossed back into CO.. the road instantly became a fine piece of tarmac, just perfect for strafing or cruising. Even the species of tar snake was far smaller, gentler, and in truth, barely even noticeable while riding.

    Just offering a word of preparedness and caution. Take it for what it's worth.
    Ride Safe, Ride Lots

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    Experienced the same thing!

    Our trip was 5/21-5/28 and we were slipping on the snakes. Ridden lots of tar snakes but this spring they were the worst ever. Same roads as your trip. I had new Pirelli Angel GTs and was cussing them until my VFR PR3 friend indicated he was skating. Bad mixture?
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