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Thread: 2003 650 dakar

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    2003 650 dakar

    What to look for when I go to see about buying a 2003 650 Dakar with 27,000 miles. I'm pretty familiar with airheads and oilheads but ignorant of the early singles. Asking $2,300. Thanks

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    I can't help you really, but I've always liked the bike. If you do buy it, let us know how you make out
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    Inquire if there has been a problem with: the stator? The water pump? The cooling fan? None are huge deals but worth checking.
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    I recently acquired a 2006 and overall I'm happy with my purchase, similar mileage too.
    Some of the items needing attention are rear shock condition, nice and shiny or pitted and leaking? expensive and quite a job to replace.
    Is there is any light damage to the left panels of the faux tank, this is covering the radiator thermostat housing and fill. It is really close to the panel and if the bike is dropped can do damage to the radiator.
    There is a small weep hole under the water pump that should be checked for signs of oil/coolant. It is under the left side of the engine. Always good to check for great detail of what you are looking at.
    Is the seller open to questions? Do they have good history with the bike? These are just from personal searches looking for my own thumper. I hope it helps give you some of the hard expensive jobs to avoid.
    Best of luck. There are plenty of good examples out there.


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    My '03 F650GS had around 32K miles on it when I bought it a year ago. Here is what I missed at the dealership:
    • A dry battery was the root cause of occasional starting problems. Added distilled H2O and the problem was resolved.
    • The clutch cable is probably original and needed adjustment to ease shifting. Now that I'm at 41K miles I should probably replace the cable.
    • Small oil leak appeared a week after purchase. All the bolts on the bottom left of the engine case were loose. Once tightened the leak went away. See my Missing Bolt post.

    Also, check the chain and sprockets for signs of proper maintenance and adjustment. If the chain is dry and has more than 1" slack without any additional room to adjust the rear wheel it may need replacing.

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