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Thread: riding & lunch & diner

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    riding & lunch & dinner

    I hear a lot of riders talking about riding to such-n-such place and having a nice big meal at blahblah big restaurant.

    I enjoy places like these (both here in town) that I went to today.

    (I know, I know, not my BMW ... but is BMW shirt har har har)
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    That Suzook looks pristine in the photo. Nice!

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    The delectable items in the first photo are what we would call "Pluto Pups" or "Dagwood Dogs", but I see the stall has a sign saying Pronto Pups (possibly just a play on words).
    I thought these were known as Corn Dogs in the US but I may be completely wrong.

    Either way I haven't had one in years and I can still smell them now and can taste it as I write.
    You certainly know your comfort food and it's exactly what is needed on a ride. Not certain my wife would agree.
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    Husband to Husband

    Mark H

    I'm certain you're wife would not agree

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    pronto pups

    What town it might be on the way to somewhere I am going. If you are in central Illinois their is a good corn dog stand on route 107 across from tractor dealer also some fun roads in area, warning I think they go to some local county fairs so sometime stand not there. Town is Mt. Sterling.
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    How about a spinoff to this thread: Favorite places to ride to for lunch or dinner? There are some great spots in Maine!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark H View Post
    I thought these were known as Corn Dogs in the US but I may be completely wrong.
    You are 100% correct....Corn Dogs they are, a must at county fairs

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    Now I'm cornfused - "corn dogs" have a cornmeal coating.

    Those are just sausages (or brats) on a stick.

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    look like corn dogs to me. Look where the dog meets the stick.
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    corn dogs

    Pronto pup, corn dog and new name " cozy dog" all the same basic food group Weiner on a stick dipped in cornmeal batter and deep fried line of catsup or mustard on side very good eat. If you ever travel the mother road on old route 66 in Springfield Illinois stop at the cozy dog drive-in one of the original dog on a stick places.

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