Late May next year we will be travelling between Long Beach and Palm Desert as we start our journey around the western half of the US, and we had hoped to kick it off with a ride along the Angeles Crest Highway.
Unfortunately it seems this road is plagued with rock slides and could still be closed after winter's ravages in May.

Our original route was this - LINK to Google Maps

If the Angeles Crest Highway is still closed - what would be the next best and most exciting ride?

We had thought possibly this more northerly loop - LINK
or possibly via Mt Baldy to the south - LINK.

As you can see from the maps, we are trying to include the run past Big Bear Lake and down through Idyllwild and the Pines to Palms Highway.
Five weeks later we will be ending our tour of the US and will be heading back to Long Beach from the north (Ridgecrest) and had planned to ride the Angeles Crest Highway in reverse LINK, so if it is closed in May we could still get to ride it in late June.

Not being from locals, we actually have no idea and would welcome any local knowledge.