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Thread: And the F800GS ADV come home!

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    And the F800GS ADV come home!

    Hello Guys

    As some of you know I am in Brazil.
    I had my G650GS for about 2 years and I decide to move ahead.
    And my choice was the F800GS ADV. Some may ask why not the 1200. Well since I use everyday for work also the 1200 for our traffic in Brazil will be crazy.
    But G650GS stay in home . My old son that had a Yamaha Crosser XTZ 150 cc received as a gift for his 19th birthday.
    Now the boy has a safety G650GS and I am moving with the F800GS ADV.
    Some pictures

    Raul França
    5°EN NOVA PETRÓPOLIS - RS 21 A 24 ABRIL 2016
    Raul Franca
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    Very nice Hope you have good luck with it.
    I have enjoyed my F800GS- I'm not sure of the differences in the adventure version.
    I can picture Brazil a fun place for a rugged bike.
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