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Thread: '95 R1100GS w ABS Right Front Caliper Drags

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    '95 R1100GS w ABS Right Front Caliper Drags

    New MOA member here. I pulled my bike out of storage where it sat for a couple of years, don't you hate it when work gets in the way of life. She fired right up. I rode it about three blocks when the right front caliper started dragging. I pulled the two bolts and slide the caliper out. All four pistons move freely individually, but I couldn't get all four fully in at the same time. I pulled the left caliper off and I could get all four pistons in at the same time. What's causing this? And of course how do I fix it. Thanks in advance...

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    I think the brake line between the splitter and the right-side caliper has failed internally, and won't allow fluid to flow back up towards the master cylinder. If the brake lines are still original, then they're twenty years old, and well past their sell-by date. Were it my bike, I would replace all the flexible brake lines with stainless ones from Spiegler; they're no more expensive than OEM from BMW, tougher, and they'll last longer...which might be helpful if, perhaps, work gets in the way again.
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