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Thread: "Just one ping..."

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    "Just one ping..."

    I'm curious as to the number of R1200r riders there are in western Tennessee.
    I've been riding my 2014 model for six months now, and I've not seen anyone else riding an R1200r.

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    I remember this posting and wanted to watch the results. Nothing. No activity. I have always wondered why the very basic bikes are not more popular. Have wondered this for 40+ years. The trend has always been bigger and more powerful, increasing the cost of BMW's and encouraging more complex and expensive technology.

    Maybe just the added cost of adding a windshield and panniers to a basic/naked bike keeps people from buying basics. Look at how many bikes you see w/o a windshield. A lot of BMW's come w/o bags, but most of the advertising show bags. Then when you go see the bikes in the showroom, you find out they are "extra".

    I admit to being "old school", but I still don't understand why there are not a lot of R1200R's sold. Guzzi makes a very basic V7 Stone. A Retro and I think the Stone is for "Stone Age". It will be interesting to see if this model sells. This in contrast to a Ducati owner who asked one of the bike magazines if $1500 seemed a little excessive for a new fuel pump installed at a dealer and the answer was basically "not really". No wonder that BMW doesn't have a more basic model that has simpler user maintenance technology when the most basic model doesn't sell that well. I'm even a little surprised that they bother sending that model to the States.

    Enough rambling.

    I am envious of your choice of model. I would love to have one. Enjoy it till you can't ride it anymore, then give it to one of your grandchildren.

    Hope you find another R1200R out there. (or some more even).


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    i agree that the basic Roadster deserves more love

    my wife has had an R1100R and has an R1150R. Both great bikes. I would think that an R1200R would be the bike that so many people would want if they took one out for a ride. Certainly lower to the ground for those GS riders that are always complaining about the height of their bikes.
    Enjoying the ride, but always on the alert for a rally.......

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