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Thread: 2000 R1100RT Rough running/backfire

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    Unhappy 2000 R1100RT Rough running/backfire

    Hi folks; My wife's bike has a slight miss when it is running at idle, when the bike is revved up the miss is not as noticeable but when the bike returns to idle it gives a huge backfire. I have swapped out the plugs and generally checked it over but I am stumped. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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    It is probably getting a misfire at the plug(s) on one cylinder. So it stumbles a bit. At higher rpm unburned fuel can accumulate in the exhaust sytem. Back near idle the air in the exhaust can be sufficient to allow the unburned fuel to ignite - pow!

    Since plugs were "swapped" (new or switched side to side ??) I would suspect the coil or a coil wire.
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