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Thread: Saw Hyper lights on a rally & bought some for mine

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    Saw Hyper lights on a rally & bought some for mine

    I was following a guy when I was on the Colonial VA rally & I was very impressed with the attention getting of the leader's hyper lights. I'd never even seen these before but thought they would be ideal for keeping approaching auto's aware of my presence. They are relatively easy to install with the kit they send. No cutting or splicing wires with the little connectors they supply. Where to put the two blocks of 16 LED's was the question. I used a soldering iron to melt holes in the back or my tail light lens box and stuck them to opposing side walls inside my tail light (brake light area). I then used the iron to "weld" the pieces back in to seal the unit. I cut the jumper wire that makes them blink for 3-4 seconds & then light solid. No sense making anybody irritated by constant blinking the entire time I'm stopped at a light. I figure if no one is behind me as I stop and then see an approaching car from behind I can just let off my brake & reapply it to get another 3-4 seconds of blinking. I don't see how anyone would not see you stopped in front of them with these as I hear or read that many are injured when a car rams them from behind. I believe it is a good investment.

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    I've been looking at those for quite a while. Maybe Santa will bring me a set...
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