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Thread: No snow in the West

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    No snow in the West

    I took the 1984 airhead R100/7 out Saturday. Beautiful high 60's day in the Sierra's around Reno NV. We will probably burn up later this summer as we have no snow pack and no water, but the riding right now is good. Monitor pass was open and clear, there was a little snow off to the side of the road at the top. The signs stated Sonora Pass was still closed, it will not be for long though. It will be nice enjoying the riding for the next few months until the smoke from the fires that are sure to come later this summer make it look like we are in Southern China.

    Safe riding to the rest of you here in the West, the next two months will be great.

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    Read a weather report the other day that noted due to the on going drought and lack of snowpack, California has less than 1 years water supply left at the current consumption rates. Flew out to Los Angeles last fall and was it was eye opening at how far the drought has effected the west. It was not until you actually came over the mountains in sight of the coast that you saw any green at all and even that was sparse.

    Either you folks are due to have the biggest dam rain/snow storms in the near future, or the deserts of the SW will be heading for the coast.
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