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Thread: LA and MS Route planning assistance

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    LA and MS Route planning assistance

    Looking for some suggestions for interesting ways to get across Mississippi and Louisiana later this Spring. I will be meandering across Florida to about as far as Panama City and then angling up across the toe of Alabama. The ultimate target is North Texas after a foray into Arkansas, but have plenty of time to meander across states. I've never ridden in either state so any suggestions will be helpful.

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    If you aren't in a hurry suggest a ride along the Natchez Trace Parkway. It runs from Franklin, TN through MS to Natchez, MS. There are speed limits of 45 to 50 mph but it's a nice leisurely ride. If you do end up in Natchez the ride across LA is rather flat and straight. Across the state to around Many, LA then into East TX and you will have some more interesting roads.

    Anywhere in the west of Arkansas will find good roads. Highly recommend the Talamina Skyway between Mena, AR and Talahina, OK. From there take the Old Indian Hwy south to Durant and into Texas.

    Butler maps has some good motorcycle routes posted as well as the Ride Texas magazine site.

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