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Thread: '06 GS to '12 GS...Input Wanted.

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    '06 GS to '12 GS...Input Wanted.

    I am going to trade in my '06R1200GS for a low mileage 2012 R1200GS Triple Black. I am truly remorseful to see the '06 leaving as it has been my favorite bike of all time. But I have a chance to pick up a very low mileage 2012 GS from a friend and think that its a good move. I think there's enough similarities between the model years that it won't be like starting over...maybe like the old bike on steroids?

    Anyone have any input on what you think I'll like about the newer GS? How about what I might prefer about my '06?

    Thanks for the input.

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    I went from an '02 to the '12 Rally GS. Night and day difference. Of course I had the 10 gallon tank on the '02 but both were equipped with Jesse bags.
    Lighter, more power, smoother. I was glad I made the change.... for two years until I changed direction and went to the 14 RTW.
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    You'll love the camhead compared to the hexhead engine.
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    It will be an easy transition. The triple black bikes are really nice looking.
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    I had a 2009 1200GS, and then switched to a 2010 1200GSA. My mechanic told me that the dual cams in the newer models were 'bullet-proof' and that I would love the newer engine. He was right. I have 40K on the GSA and feel confident that the bike will never let me down!

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