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Thread: Camhead R1200 RT 2013 Rear Diff.

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    Camhead R1200 RT 2013 Rear Diff.

    Alright, I am going to do my first ever rear-diff change. From everything I have read and viewed I was expecting a torx head bolt on the top of the rear diff. Instead, I've found a large rubber insert that fits down into a hole on the top of the diff housing. So, at the risk of sounding like a nitwit, Is this all I have to remove in order to put in new oil? Also, what oil should I be using. Any help would be appreciated. Anyone with a 2013
    R1200RT ever done this job?

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    There is a DIY section in the Hex/Camhead forum. I'm not totally familiar with the various models and final drives. Check the threads there...maybe there's something that will help.

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    Top of the FD housing is a breather, not an oil fill hole. At least I assume you are talking about the breather. The fill plug is on the rear of the housing. You need to remove the wheel for access.

    As for what to use... BMW recommends this and now sells it in one-use bottles.

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    This link has a copy of the shop manual instructions.

    Post#3 shows the correct oil to use.
    The newer final drives now call for 180cc to refill.

    Here's the location of the fill plug on a K1300. Not sure if it's the same on a 2013 R1200

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    Quote Originally Posted by marchyman View Post
    As for what to use... BMW recommends this and now sells it in one-use bottles.
    No, BMW specifies this fluid and that's not the same thing as "recommends." It means use nothing else.
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