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Thread: Maybe just the best of Wyoming

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    Maybe just the best of Wyoming

    In July, I took my month old 2014 F700GS. The bike is outstanding will do 80+mph and still get around 60 MPG. For an old short guy, I'm Very happy with this bike. On Monday I had a late start, but still took the long way to Billings,MT from Gillette,WY. Went I-90 to Buffalo up and over HW 16 and threw Ten Sleep Canyon, then North to Greybull and then HW 14 up Shell Canyon, and up top to Burgess junction, then down 14A to Lovell. Then into some Rain and wind on the way North to Billings. Took my son Casey and Lynsey out for pizza.The next day off to Red Lodge, MT then up and over Bear tooth pass at 50* on top ,plus Chief Joseph Highway and Cody for lunch. Then South on HW 120 to route 431 I call Wyoming's painted desert that was hot at 100.4* then over to Worland. Then back up Ten Sleep Canyon, Big Horns and over Powder river Pass, down to Buffalo and I-90 back home. Shell Canyon falls Just off of HW 14A up top 9,000 plus feet. Just off of HW 14A up top 9,000 plus feet. The next day Bear Tooth Road HW 212 Off the west side HW 212 Highway 296 (Chief Joseph Scenic Byway) All most back home Home Home
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    One quick ride in the best riding area

    That a person could wish for. You live close to some of the best riding without the heavy traffic.

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    Love that whole area. Picture of my wife in 2011 on her F650GS twin. It was her first motorcycle trip and it set the hook for many more to come. We will be going though parts of there again this year as we once again head west

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    What a great ride with stunning scenery. Some excellent photos too. I have been to the area before, but not riding on two wheels.

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    I lived for a short period of time in Rock Springs, Wyoming. I look forward to the big rally next July and getting back to Wyoming. The Beartooth is on my bucket list. I spent some time in West Yellowstone, in my pickup truck, and remembered the town being full of bikers. I vowed to get back there on a bike someday, and I'm not getting any younger...

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    Judging by what I saw on national news/weather ....sure glad I'm not there right now....Buurrrrr
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