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Thread: Run across a scam lately?

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    Run across a scam lately?

    Have you run across a scam lately? Perhaps a Nigerian Prince is your new best buddy? I'll tell ya, the BS is deep in the Wide World of Scams
    Remember if you post- don't make it a clickable item, no sense having someone fall off the cliff by mistake
    Anyway, watcha' seen lately-
    Seems like someone is trying to scam with a computer generated voice claiming to be IRS. Beware of 206-734-4414....check your caller ID- stay safe.
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    I keep getting a E-Mails to do repackage/remailing items that this scam sends you. You have to ups stuff . I won't open crud like that. I have no idea if it is legit work at home job. This is probably a scam too.
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    Why yes ... The latest issue of BMW Motorcycle Magazine tests aftermarket mufflers for the new R1200GS.

    One provides 1 more horsepower, one provides 1 less horsepower, and the rest provide zero hp change from stock.
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    We sell "stuff" that is beyond reasonable repair for most, engines as an example. Good block, no holes. Good head, valve didn't drop and smash it. Cranks that aren't in two pieces. "Stuff" like that. Otherwise, the engine isn't worth the money to rebuild.

    My favorite scammers come from the UK. They will pay me the money I'm asking and they will pay the shipping ONCE they have it. Really??? You are going to pay me better than core charge plus shipping which is MORE than an exchange engine IF I ship it you and wait for payment?

    About twice a week lately.
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    i was on the usps site today and it had a red warning at top about scammers sending emails about pkgs arriving/arrived and money owed with a link to click. don't do it.

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    I've been getting lots of calls from 'tards who claim to be from Microsoft, and they say that they've seen that my PC is infected, so I have to click on their site to download the fix...
    So I ask them if it's true about their mother and billy goats?

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    Got a call from "Internal Revenue Services". Note the "S" on the end, a sure tip-off if you are paying attention. Either they don't know the correct title or they work around some legal angle by using a technically different title. I have also won enough free trips to the Bahamas to keep me there for years. Maybe I could rent-out my house, ship the BMW to the Bahamas...

    Some (most) of the telephone scams are actually funny. I usually just put the phone down for a while and then hang up. Waste as much of their time as possible. My wife asks a lot of dumb questions to drag out the call. Remember that even if they only get one sucker out of every thousand calls it is worth their while. And we are coming up on the next presidential election so you might want to move to Fiji, after crushing your cell phone, of course.


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    I paid my taxes a month ago, so like every other citizen, I got scammed by our congress.
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    I get the IRS calls saying I owe money and they will be turning my name over to the local Sheriff's Department if I don't call them back. Another one we get a lot is a call from my credit card company (note they don't actually state the company's name, they just say their my credit card company) indicating that I qualify for a lower interest rate. I just need to call them. Like that will ever happen.
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    I have 3 brand new BMW motorcycle models picked out that I'm going to buy as soon as that check arrives. That poor widowed Queen from Nigeria has promised me millions! I just sent her all my banking info and personal passwords so she can make the deposit for me. I can hardly wait to ride those new bikes!

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