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Thread: Thoughts on BMW

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    And in the next chapter!

    Some folks just don't want to deal with maintenance: you know, fork seals, steering head bearings, water/oil pump seals, computer remaps, wheel bearings, rectifiers, etc, etc, etc, and then do it again. Riding something new every few years solves that. It doesn't make them bad. It does make them fellow riders. They also create low mileage good deals for the rest of us.

    For what it is worth, you can no longer buy a 2014 Cadillac CTS or STX. GM has issued a "STOP SELL ORDER" to their dealers. It seems the electronics are so complex no one knows how to fix them. And the debate goes on.

    When the North Koreans finally get around to setting off an air burst nuke, the only things left running will be BMW Airheads and Model A Fords. I gotta get me an Airhead!

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    Just put your car and bike in a faraday cage.
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    Not the same, and that page actually explains it.

    When Yuasa bought Exide's industrial division, Exide kept their automotive line. Some time around 2000 Exide bought Mareg, which had been making batteries for BMW for years, which is why you started seeing Exide batteries in your bikes.

    The Yuasa product is unrelated. It's a different product, designed by different people, from a different company. The Exide in the YEI partnership name was only about the industrial line.

    Quote Originally Posted by 36654 View Post
    Same horse different name.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by f650624 View Post

    When the North Koreans finally get around to setting off an air burst nuke....
    It'll probably go off 15 seconds after they launch and give 'em the nuclear equivalent of shooting themselves in the foot with a holstered gun.

    Now, back to this pointless debate. You'd think it was January in Montana.

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