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Thread: How do you remove the mirrors on a 2010 R12RT?

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    How do you remove the mirrors on a 2010 R12RT?

    I realize this is a lazy post. I'm sure it is in the owners manual, or the net, or I could eventually figure it out. But I'm away from home, not near the bike.

    My 2005 just had pop off side mirrors. These seem to be attached in some way that I did not discover in a cursory inspection.

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    Check the bottom black plastic off center, toward the tank, underneath the mirror for a small hole. Inside the hole is a torx (25 I think) unscrew it and remove the mirror glass. Once the glass is out you can remove the screws that are securing the mirror housing.
    If you push the mirror all the way in at the top center you should be able to see the screw that secures the glass. Now replacing the mirror and finding the screw hole is another story!
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    It's indeed in the owners manual.

    And your bike came with a tool to use for this
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