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Thread: Have You Seen The GEICO TV Commercial?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Visian View Post

    (I want a RAM 2500 4wd with Cummins TurboDiesel)
    Do we need a RAM thread?
    I'm running a 3500 SRW Cummins Gen 3, quad cab loaded....'03 46k miles
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    Only if ewe want to be a sheep...
    [NOT a typo!]
    But let's not butt heads over it.
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    THE best m/c commercial. Ever. Period.

    mind the badgers.
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    Thumbs up

    You may be correct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akbeemer View Post
    You may be correct.
    Humor is a great marketing tool. Sadly, BMW has never employed it in any of their car or motorcycle ads. Their most recent examples, which aired during the Olympics, were plainly bad, in my most humble of opinions...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bikerfish1100 View Post
    THE best m/c commercial. Ever. Period.

    mind the badgers.
    Very random thoughts...Where is PETA! The Brit girl is cute, even in safety glasses...The bug eyed guy looks like a local HD rider? That was surely Clark Kent that "layed down for the quick stop"
    Curiously, did Bond, Jame Bond, ever ride a MC in a flick?
    There was a time long ago when I drank the British kool-aid... the germs are still in my body, me thinks...
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    Bond was on bikes several times.

    Most notably in Never Say Never Again with Barbara Carrera (the Thunderball remake)

    Also on an R1200C in one of the Pierce Brosnan things

    And of course Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace
    Kent Christensen
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