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Thread: 1974 R90/6 electronic ignition install

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    1974 R90/6 electronic ignition install


    I am restoring a 1974 R90/6 and would like to install an electronic ignition system. What is involved?

    Thank's so much

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    Bob -

    Do you have a specific electronic ignition in mind? Some are straightforward while others are a bit more complex.

    There are several kinds and I'll try to list what I can think of:

    - replacement of points/condenser but keeps the mechanical advance unit...the Dyna III is one of those
    - replace points/condenser/advance unit...the Boyer Microdigital is one; the Alpha is another (maybe be bike years specific, though)
    - there are the crank mounted ignition system (the ones above are camshaft mounted)... Omega and Silent Hektik I believe are examples of these

    Anton has a bit more description of them here:
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    easy install

    I installed an omega which lasted about a year then died. Went back to points for a while, but became interested in the Alpha that Rick Jones sells. That one has the brains installed in a much cooler environment and has been working out very well.
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