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Thread: And for you errand runners...

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    It was a nice November day. I was about to head out for a ride when SHE told me she wanted a new toilet seat. Not how to impress other members of the motorcycle community, but I got the job done...and got a ride in.

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    Looks like a comfort up-fit for my TW200
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    First trip to the store on my GSA this morning....5 quart bottle of oil, 6 two liters of soda and some various sundries in the right side alone. Nothing even straped onto my black dog rear rack!

    I've had crock pots in my oversize side cases on the RT. 40lbs. of dog food, large rubbermaid storage containers. Yes, it's always nice to see the funny glances you get while packing and riding.
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    A few times I carried a five-gallon carboy of water on the back. They guy at the water-shop was afraid it would slosh around and cause a balance problem. With only about six cubic inches of air in the thing, where is that water gonna slosh TO, I asked him. I could see the bulb flickering above his head as he began to grasp it.

    I've carried loads of stuff to a recycling center on the bike, all manner of groceries (frozen pizzae go into side-cases diagonally and everything else crams above/below...until I got the huge Micatechs!). And then there was the time that I went about 250 miles with a bamboo cutting-board strapped across the back seat. Not all that amazing a feat, but it did generate some quizzical stares.
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    Frankly, I'm not too fond of running shopping errands on the bike. I'm one of those ATGATT nuts and just hate removing gloves, then helmet, then earplugs at every stop, only to re-install the above for the next short run.

    I HAVE however figured out how to duct tape two aluminum fly rod cases together, secure them under my duffle bag, and have them stick out the back end of the bike about 4 feet, taped on flagging tape flying in the breeze. (No, I don't carry a boat. Just do this when visit when visiting a fishing friend about 300 miles away who has a canoe.) Suspect my bike is cause for comment, though haven't heard any to date.
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    Between my RT's side bags and a large duffle bag, a months stock up of groceries in the next town isn't to bad. Now if I can figure out why a trip to the post office which is two miles away in the car always takes at least forty miles on the bike!

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