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Thread: Top Box Light

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    Top Box Light

    Has anyone installed brake lights in the red lens of the BMW top box? I wonder if there's room for a light strip in the lens.

    Update 8/22/14: I just saw a post with pics where a guy used Admore 1255RY lights to install into his C650GT BMW top box. I'm next.
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    I saw something online where someone put some retro-reflective material behind the lens so it at least made a decent reflector; as it sits from the factory there isn't any reflectivity to it at all.
    I did look once at getting a luminescent panel behind there. It might work except not sure if it would be as bright as a brake light should be, might as better as a tail light. Never seriously pursued doing it, seems like more hassle than it would be worth as a conspicuity device. Plus wires running through the top box, having to route the wires and be able to disconnect it; just shelved the idea but maybe someone will come up with some good kit for electrifying the top box. For going through all the hassle, might as well put a convenience light in the box as well, probably the same area as the red lens, would make it easier and would be a nice place for a spot light to shine down in the box area.
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