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Thread: Regional Road Food!

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    Regional Road Food!

    Tell us about the food you've found or stumbled on while on the road. Let us know what places and food you go out of your way to get back to. Some of you take pictures, too...that would be nice to see as well. Sometimes it's about the journey, sometimes it's about the destination. Heck, sometimes it's about the food!

    Be sure to include the city and state in the post title...that makes it easy to spot something interesting, nearby, or on the way.

    Here's a map that has been compiled over on Facebook showing places that others thought were worth the stop:
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    Kip's Grill & Cantina Pagosa Springs, CO

    Great cantina with fresh Mexican food! You'll find fish tacos, pork barbacoa, a good selection of cold beer and the regular items you'd expect. Nice hats and t-shirts, too! Casual dining, live music on occasion. Nice outdoor patio and prices are easy on the wallet.
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    Smile Testicle Festival in Montana

    This is the ORIGINAL Testicle Festival, although there are several others in Montana and other states.

    Plan your travels to coincide with one of these. You will have a ball!

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    Beef Jerky!

    You just have to stop in Longview AB on the Cowboy Highway for some this delicious local chew. Comes in handy on Iron Butt rides cut in small pieces in the 'Treat Bag'.
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    Fried Pies

    Next time you're in northeast Texas, give the Farm House Fried Pies a try. Many flavor choices and the people are friendly. Bakery is located in the back of Mineola Mercantile at the corner of Highway 80 and 69 in Mineola, TX.

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    Amica's Pizza and MicroBrew in Salida CO

    Found this one in Salida, CO a few weeks ago. Located in the heart of downtown Salida... you have to get off the beaten path to find it.
    For a NY/NJ/New Haven County boy to find pizza of this quality out here... wow, just amazing!

    I can attest personally that their Nigel's Rather Large (English) Ale is a true delight. If i lived closer, it could easily become my regular favorite. I have been told that their Loyal Duke Scotch Ale is also fine stuff.

    oh yeah.. the riding's none too shabby down that way, either.
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    Thai Mini Cafe- Salida, CO

    so this one is a real sleeper.
    From the outside... yeah, you're driving right by and ignoring it. DON'T!!

    She's been located in and near Salida for the past 14 years, testament enough to the quality of food.

    Anything i've tried there has been very tasty and fresh, but the Drunken Noodles is a total kick-ass dish.
    Getting a pot of hot tea delivered to your table before anything else is a nice little treat.

    Barely west of the intersection of 287 and 50, just west of the "main strip" (where all the crap chain offerings are located) of Salida along US50.
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    My favorite quest is Mexican food in small towns.

    Best I've found is in Rocky Ford, CO.

    Also good in
    Silver City, NM
    Raton, NM
    Sterling CO
    Clinton, OK
    Hinton, OK
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    ^^^Try the one (there is only one) in Yale, Oklahoma, east of Stillwater.

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