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Thread: Regional Road Food!

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    Regional Road Food!

    Tell us about the food you've found or stumbled on while on the road. Let us know what places and food you go out of your way to get back to. Some of you take pictures, too...that would be nice to see as well. Sometimes it's about the journey, sometimes it's about the destination. Heck, sometimes it's about the food!

    Be sure to include the city and state in the post title...that makes it easy to spot something interesting, nearby, or on the way.
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    One of the stops on the Ride-2-Q a few years ago.

    Windy Hill BBQ somewhere in NC or TN????? I didn't have a clue where I was as I was led astray by a bunch of crazy riders who left this flatlander in the dust!

    Great trip I remember with fondness.

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    Now that's what I'm talking about, Bud.
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    Poe's Pub in Richmond, VA

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    Marion VA-In the middle of some of the best riding in the country.
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    Personal Favorite! is: Cheddar's, exit 41, I-75,KY & two in Lexington,KY, one in WV near WV U,new one in Columbia,MO on I-70, maybe more-great food(try chicken tenders,club wraps & more @ very reasonable prices!

    Sonny's BBQ chain runs from FL(the home) up through KY-real BBQ and lots of choices for good sauces,etc.

    Bandana's BBQ in Columbia,MO & other locations too.

    El Rodeo' in Mt Sterling,KY-good tex-mex local place.

    El Torro & Jalapen'o's are my fave Tex-Mex's in Lexington,KY

    Melini's Italian Cucina in Mt Sterling (best one) & Morehead,KY for reasonable food-great pizza,calzones & more!

    P.S. just in from land of overpriced & over rated food in Europe-First home meal back-we had soup beans, jalapeno corn bread, collard greens, home grown corn(neighbor did a late sweet corn crop) & fried potatoes- best meal in a lonnnnnnng time! those people like goose liver, yuk...
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