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Thread: Supporting or growing a 'stach' for Movemeber this year? Share your story.

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    Supporting or growing a 'stach' for Movemeber this year? Share your story.

    This year I am doing something I never have done before - grow a moustache. It is for an awesome cause; Mens's health and specifically cancers below the waist. Currently I consider myself lucky in that I have personally not had to battle this but some of my friends and relatives have so I decided to become involved. Interested to hear about the rest of you who are supporting.

    Statement: This post is not a request for charitable donation or an official part of the 'Movember' movement therefore there are no links to my online presence or the charity in general.
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    I have seen all the morning shadows on some morning news folks and knew I could do better

    Also had friends and family with issues thru their years...and recently passed my latest physical.

    Haven't had a full beard in many years so let it go far Helen say's it's

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