A year and a half ago when I got my new K1600 I got the Ipod adapter cable with it.
Every thing was great until summer rolls around and the Ipod overheats and shuts down.
I load up a USB stick with my music and plug it in and it works just like the Ipod.
I'm able to select artist or albums, no playlist though
I know I could make them up and put them on the usb stick.
When I first plug it in it defaults to play all so I assume it will play each album all the way through in alphabetical order.
A couple days ago I head out on a 250 mile trip and plug in the usb stick and of course it goes to play all.
The first album is Adel so I haven't listened to her in awhile so I leave it on play all. It plays a couple Adel songs and then it starts to
play random songs off of different albums. Cool
The trip turned into a 500 mile day and I didn't have to mess with the audio, one happy camper.