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Thread: Source for BMW Tank Bag

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    Source for BMW Tank Bag

    I have a 2013 R1200RT and am looking for a tank bag. Most recommend the BMW bag even though it is more expensive. Better quality and quick attach/detach.

    I'm looking for a source for the bag and.......if there are any better recommendations. Planning on doing the SS1000 in the Spring and getting my stuff together over the winter. First purchase is the RDL in a few weeks.

    Thank you in advance.

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    A friend has and likes this one:

    It's apparently good for those that like a smaller bag.

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    Bag looks good. Thanks for the info.

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    Not trying to steal the thread but!...I wish the Mfg's would get away from these 'humpy' makes bag fitment a pain. Yeah I'm older ...and I liked the flat-top tanks of the past...My old Eclipse worked great for many years...ain't worth a poop on my Roadster....

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    The BMW bag is available at BMW dealers.

    For a while a couple years ago, a guy had new ones on eBay for ~$50 off.
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    "...guy had new ones on ebay for $50 off."

    Those must have "fallen off the truck".

    No dealers I know are selling them at discount although I got one tossed into the deal when I bought my R12RT.

    Good bag. Nice size. Easy on and off. Odd waterproof system and map pocket closure.


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    There's one for sale in the Flea Market.
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