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Thread: A sign of Fall

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    A sign of Fall

    "bringing in the wood"
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    Makes my back creak just looking at it.
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    -Tom (KA1TOX)

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    When we lived in Fairbanks we'd burn 5-6 cords a year. As they say, wood warms you multiple times; when you cut it, when you split it and when you burn it. Have fun!
    Kevin Huddy
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    Can't wait til my fireplace is complete! Then I can have this kind of fun too!

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    Ah...the irony of location. Here in Sarasota, Florida its dreaming of turning off the air conditioner and opening up the windows....working the yard without having to mow the grass....watching the "snowbirds" stream back into town and clog up the area restaurants and hoping for a day cold enough to burn a few small wood splits in the fire pit on the front porch.

    Its 90 out today so its still not fall...but hoping.

    Randy in Florida

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    Lookin Southwest

    Aspens Turning

    Oregon Coast, Thanksgiving

    Oregon Coast, Thanksgiving
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    Fall Sunday Funday in Terlingua:

    Lots more pictures here:

    In which we were invaded by quail during our morning coffee on the back porch, rode to Lajitas for Beth Garcia's book signing, admired the view from the top of Big Hill on the River Road, avoided a wild horse at the bottom of a dip in the road, stopped off at the porch to meet TJ Avery's photographers, had brunch and music with Uh Clem at the High Sierra, walked to the Cowhead to visit Cowboy Chris and topped it off with a beautiful sunset, Big Bend style.

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