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Thread: SPEED KILLS (Your Pocketbook)

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    Watch The 'Speed Kills Myth' Guy TV Debate On Speed Limits

    Here is another link wherein the creator of the 'Speed Kills' video debates the subject live on TV:
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    Quite good

    Quote Originally Posted by bogthebasher View Post
    Here is another link wherein the creator of the 'Speed Kills' video debates the subject live on TV:
    The video creator was a very good debater. He maintained an even tone even when the two ladies biased in their paradigms seemed to pounce. I'm so used to hot headed debates with American talking heads I found the civilized discourse refreshing. I just got back from Pensacola and the wife and I have to go through Florala, where the speed trap is so bad that if you don't speed they'll give you a ticket for failure to signal when changing lanes (they ticketed my wife for that earlier this year. I tried to explain to the judge that she was passing me and we had communication 'schuberth' and that I was aware of her passing maneuver, he was clearly only interested in my 'excuse' but very interested in collecting the revenue, sheriff of Nottingham style). We don't go through there no more and we don't spend money there no more. Shame really. The citizens of that town probably don't even understand why no one will stop and spend money in there town.
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