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Thread: Krauser Left Hand Saddle Bag Lost near Callaway, VA.

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    Krauser Left Hand Saddle Bag Lost near Callaway, VA.

    My friend Joe and I were at the "Memories of Dan Rally" at Willville MC campground this past weekend. Went on a group ride on Sat. and somewhere around Callaway, Va. he lost the Left Side saddlebag. We backtracked the route but did not see it. Thing is, is that it is white to match the white bike. A fairly rare bag compared to all the black Krausers out there.


    Krauser Left Hand Saddle Bag Lost near Callaway, VA. - White Bag from BMW R100CS pearl white

    Has Willville Twin Valley Rally sticker on it.

    Lost on Sept. 7th, 2013

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    Lost Krauser Bag near Callowway

    What a way to ruin a run on great roads in that area. Will be going that way maybe next weekend and will be glad to ask in the closest country stores. Let me know. County Sheriffs Depts. are a good place to check also.
    It has happened to me before. Found mine two weeks later. An honest Farmer and Sheriff.
    I still hate to admit it, considering the circumstances. Not the dumbest thing I ever did on a bike though, by far. Tracked the Farmer down and gave him $100. The bag and contents were worth far more.
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