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Thread: iPad/iPhone/Micro USB Charger to DIN

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    iPad/iPhone/Micro USB Charger to DIN

    I had seen some recommendations here a while ago on something like this, but haven't been able to find it again.

    I am looking for a way of charging (or just keep running) my iPad (new connector type) and a WiFi hotspot device (Micro USB), and ideally my iPhone 5, while in the tank bag - using the BMW power outlet (DIN?). I have found sdapters for both the iPhone and micro USB, but none that could charge multiple devices at once. Does anyone make anything like this?


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    I put one of these in my tank bag - I like it.



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    I came up with a bit of a kluge for this but it works. I got a regular car cig socket extender, basically a male plug on one end 2-feet of cord and a female on the other. I replaced the male part with a powerlet, and got a double hi-power USB plug at Monoprice:

    Voila, I can charge my iPhone and my ipad mini at the same time in my tankbag.
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    I tried that sort of kludge and found it not totally reliable. Things come unplugged. And it's not weatherproof.

    IMHO - a better alternative, and he's an MOA member:

    It can be easily tie-wrapped to the frame of the bike, then a simple USB to mini-USB cord up to the tankbag with his USB cord waterproof bootie on the end in the weather.
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