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Thread: Intercom for two riders taking trip together?

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    Intercom for two riders taking trip together?

    I am not sure about any of this, but are there such things like "walkie-talkies" for bikers that will have ear pieces that will allow them to talk to each other but do it cheaply?

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    Cheaply... doubtful. We've had good luck with Sena Bluetooth units. Good luck with the cheap part.
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    Go with the Sena SMH10. You can get the dual pack for $285.00 - you'll be able to do more than just a walkie talkie.
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    I have seen some 'cheap' ($79.00+-) hand held radios that have a corded earpiece and microphone, the type you would hook overr your ear. Don't know how well they would work with the interfearence (sp?) given off by the bikes electrical system. Maybe some hand held CB radios with ear pieces.? Put the unit in your jacket pocket?

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    Talking to each other

    I went with the Sena SMH 5. They work great for me. They are anywhere $199.00 to about $220.00. Got mine from Revzilla. People there were very helpful. Went right into the helmet. Took me about 20-25 minutes per helmet. Good luck. I also have them paired with my iPhone, GPS, and iPod. They work slick and the pairing is easy to do.

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    +1 for the smh 5. And for revzilla. Very pleased with both. However, i do have some HD riding friends that use walkie talkies for bike to bike. I don t know much about the system, but they seem content with it.

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