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Thread: 1998 R1100RT transmission drain plug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by derost View Post
    Here is a video on my website of how to change the gear oil

    Hope it helps.
    Excellent point on the Motul spout. The refill can get real sloppy on this bike if you're not careful with how much you're pouring in.

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    I still use my 20+ year old Castrol Gear Oil bottle. They used to come with a length of flexible clear hose complete with small red cap. The hose is held in by an indent on the side of the bottle. I wish they still made them since mine will probably crack someday soon! Best gear oil bottle ever... but can't find them anywhere anymore.
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    It's not an official BMW tool, but my '97 has been out of warranty for awhile anyway.20130421_194700.jpg
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