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Thread: LED Lighting Source?

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    LED Lighting Source?

    Does anyone have a source for replacing the turning signal light bulbs and brake light bulb with LEDs? I am not talking about LED flashing brake lights but rather replacing the original bulbs with simply a LED bulb.
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    I looked into this for my R1200RT and decided it would be a lot of work for no real benefit.

    Any 1157 LED replacement will light up, but the reduced current draw will be interpreted by the ZFE as an inoperative lamp and cause a dash warning lamp to light. The "solution" to avoid the warning light is to splice a resistor into each of the lamp circuits so that they draw the original amount of current. I'm not aware of any "plug-and-play" lamps that include a built in resistor. Most of the LED bulbs have a "directional" light output, and may be a good deal dimmer than the standard incandescent lamp.

    I'm not sure about the K100 and R1100 systems, but I would expect similar issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_F View Post
    Does anyone have a source for replacing the turning signal light bulbs and brake light bulb with LEDs?
    Tons on eBay.

    Here's a bag of 10 LED bulbs for 1157 replacement.
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    LED Turn Signals

    I have replaced the turn signals on my R1200R with these:

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    check out

    they have just about anything that you could possibly need.
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