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Thread: Sena smh10

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    Sena smh10

    Looking into picking up this unit. Has great reviews and the instructional videos on RevZilla are helpful. Question is - I have a 2013 R1200RT with audio and touring packages. Can I connect via Bluetooth directly from the SMH10 to the bike?


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    sena 10.

    If your units on the bike will recognize other bluetooth. I just purchased the sen a smh5. I also have audio on my lt. The sen a recognized my phone, gps, and I pod. I don't think it will pick up the RT audio. I could be wrong but I don't think so. My sen a 5 works great. I'm sorry I didn't get it sooner. Each person can control their own unit with the volume control. Great!!!

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    By reading other threads, I found the answer here:

    Looking forward to trying this out.

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    Hey sickticket,

    I may have found what you recalled had been posted. I seem to be following you around the forums. I just purchased a Shoei Neotec and Sena SMH-10. If I can get this done without a dongle I will be thrilled.

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