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    Nuvi 1350

    I just ordered a 2013 R1200RT and the budget is a little stretched to pick up the necessary GPS for those long rides. I already have the Nuvi 1350 in my 4Runner and I am wondering if I can pick up some type of mounting system for my bike.

    Anyone have experience in this? I will pick up the proper type of unit once the green stuff starts to build up again.


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    not sure but maybe you can get a cradle and a ram mount that will work on the bike.

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    I don't know how you would hear the instructions since it does not have audio out, nor Bluetooth.

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    I've got a Nuvi 1300 on my GS. I bought a handlebar mount on Amazon with a power cord for like $20. It does everything I want and it's super cheap so I'm not obsessed with keeping it secure, dry, dust-free. I think the mount might have been meant for a bicycle.
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    Also look at RAM Mounts Aqua Box, which is water/dust resistant. This will make it impossible to hear, but will save the GPS in a down pour.

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