I read with respect all those who wrote of damage through their military service. It just is so unfair for them to have lost hearing after all the other risks they took in war and training. Because my father lost most of his hearing from menningitis as a boy, I have always tried to protect mine. Ever since I first read about the damage motorcycle riding could do when I read about it in the early 1980's in the BMW magazine, I have been the poster boy for earplugs. I've spent over 30 years wearing them religiously. I rode to the Prineville National and back from Toronto with my ears bleeding from the plugs but never waivered. I've worn them at movies, noisy concerts, on plane trips etc. I've preached to other riders til they were sick of my preaching
for years. Last year I woke up with loss of hearing in my left ear. I had a very quick diagnosis and all the 'through the eardrum' shots of steroids and it worked for a while. But I still have tinnitus and have been told it's Muniere's disease. Most of the writers on this thread had it come about by over-exposure to loud noise. I haven't a clue what caused my problem. After all this time I'm still struggling to accept the 'roar' as the new normal. PLEASE tell all those in the dark about the risk and get them wearing earplugs. Bye the way I buy Heighton Laigh soft ones in bulk at the safety supply store at a fraction of the drugstore price and always carry a set on me wherever I go.