Just a reminder BT is tomorrow, February 4th 1900 at the Silver Gulch, in Fox, AK.


Kevin Huddy, is out of the hospital and slowly recuperating. They plan to make D2D, and the National BMWMOA Rally in Salem, OR this year.

Richard Miller, is planning his escape from the great white north. Looks like he is going to become a FLAirhead. HeÔÇÖll be at BT and has some MCÔÇÖs and parts for sale.

The heads for my R100rt got back from Ted Porters ÔÇ£The Beemer ShopÔÇØ, only visible problem they are too pretty, so I got to clean up the cylinders... Parts are on order to finish up the job. When the motor is all buttoned up IÔÇÖll start thinking more about the transmission.

Bob Coleman