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Thread: 2010 R1200RT Drive shaft splines

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    2010 R1200RT Drive shaft splines

    Just wondering if people are still taking the shaft out to lube the splines, as in the earlier model years?

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    Not as far as I know. Only the rear spline needs to be lubed and that is done by dropping the final drive down just like the prior years had to to drain the lubricant.
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    I lube both sides of the shaft, it does the same thing on both ends. you can remove the cable tie on the rubber boot at the transmission
    and carefully pull it back and lube the splines with a small brush pretty simple. just be careful not to pull the drive shaft out all the way
    you can get it back in if you do but there is not alot of room due to the rubber boot. if you ever decide to remove the drive shaft completely
    to inspect the universal joints you'll have to remove the swingarm the shaft only comes out on the transmission side. don't forget to put a new cable tie on the rubber boot.

    2010 R1200RT

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