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Thread: Can't seem to get my ABS to shut off on my GS

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    Can't seem to get my ABS to shut off on my GS

    Can anyone explain the sequence for turning off the ABS on my 2011 GSA? I hit the ABS button until I see the ABS icon and I seem to remember something about having to apply both brakes before it turns off but no matter what sequence I try the rear wheel releases rather than locks up when I try to see if the ABS did turn off.

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    If you deactivate the ABS, the function is initially disabled for the front wheel only. If you subsequently apply the brakes by pulling only the handbrake lever, the Integral function ensures that the rear wheel is also braked and ABS control remains active for the rear wheel. ABS control for the rear wheel is not deactivated
    until you depress the footbrake lever.
    Are you testing using the rear brake only?

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