Well, I guess it's my time in the barrel!! I'm looking at going to Salem and have over 100K on the clock. Have been getting somewhat worried about the valves and have had some pinging off and on. So, out with Oak's manual and we're off!

Things have gone fairly well. I have not had the exhaust nuts off in, say, 25 years! I know, I know...supposed to be a yearly thing. But before the Internet, I ruined one of the exhaust ports because I didn't know that aluminum-on-aluminum galled. I was the first to take the nuts off shortly after I got the bike, so I'm not sure what really happened.

Rather than take a chance, I went straight for the hacksaw. That took me quite some time to cut through and pry the nuts apart. I'm glad I did. They were dry as a bone. Guess the anitseize I put on so many years ago sublimated!

After that, mufflers and headers. Not too bad.