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Thread: What to do with PIAA's

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    I've purchased the ES-18004 bulbs from these guys in the past. They say about 3000 hours. I seem to get about 40K miles out of them- they are on pretty much all the'll need an o-ring to get them to seat properly in the PIAA housing. Got my o=rings from McMaster-Carr online.They are not quite as bright as the PIAA bulbs... but at around 1/3 the price... well, I can live with that. I'm running HIDs as my primary lights, so these are more about conspicuity than they are vision. I do not bother carrying a spare with me, just not worth the hassle. ymmv.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stokesrl View Post
    I just got a set of PIAA 1100x driving lights for my 2007 1200rt. My question is - How are you guys mounting these up? What are you using for brackets? Where are you putting them - fork legs or under the radiator, etc? What are you doing with the switch? Any help would be appreciated..
    I'll "cabbage" onto this thread(yes, I know it's an old thread but these are commonly asked questions!) with information & answer to the question above with: I have a new PIAA switch #30034 & PIAA relay #Pl5fb for sale. PM me or they're on ADV rider & F650 flea mkts..
    As to locating them, it's easy because both are not only small but also weather resistant too. The switches are really neat in that at ~ 1/2" x 1" they use sticky backing to mount in anywhere with that size of a flat & have a powered third "control" wire plus LED red/green pushbutton for gloved operation. Hard to imagine a bike that doesn't have spot for this switch. The relays have a hanger/mtg tab that makes for easy hanging anywhere you can loop a cable tie and small slim shape vs. the boxy & sometimes poorly sealed AP store variety. I fabbed my brackets for G650GS using 1/4" x 1" alu bar stock ,two welds of bent ended tabs on longer bar that easily mts under upper fender. Need a vice,hammer,piece of box store metal,drilled holes and scissors to make a paper mock up before fabing brackets! Payed local guy to weld/$15 as I don't do alu..
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    I have my Clearwater lights mounted on LumaLink brackets
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