View Poll Results: Have you had at least ONE fuel strip fail?

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  • YES - 2005 model year

    37 5.58%
  • YES - 2006 model year

    26 3.92%
  • YES - 2007 model year

    76 11.46%
  • YES - 2008 model year

    91 13.73%
  • YES - 2009 model year

    129 19.46%
  • YES - 2010 model year

    47 7.09%
  • YES - 2011 model year (R1200R only I think..)

    20 3.02%
  • YES - Multiple fuel strip failures - please note model/year in a comment

    53 7.99%
  • NO - fuel strip failure. Please note year/model in a comment

    226 34.09%
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Thread: Fuel strip poll

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    Is it SUPPOSED to do this?

    Hi... first BMW, first post here on my three-month trial membership (we'll determine later just who's on trial), introductions later.

    Bought a new-to-me '06 R1200GS with 50K miles last fall. First owner left fairly detailed records, and while it appears he had to replace the fuel pump, he did not mention the fuel strip. So I assume I'm still on the original. So... is it working? That depends on how it's supposed to work. It does not read "empty" on a full tank, nor have I run out with a "half tank" showing on the gauge. But it does act weird, at least compared to any fuel gauge I've seen in the past. Here's what happens: I fill the tank. The little bar graph reads full... and continues to read full for the first 90-120 miles. Then it instantly drops to the 1/2 mark. For the next 60-80 miles, it behaves like I would expect, slowly dropping until it hits the striped area. At that point the annoying display comes on (really? a flashing gas pump icon, plus the yellow caution light? highly distracting in my book..) and it starts counting down. I've never gotten close enough to tell if the countdown is accurate; furthest I've gotten is two of those stripes remaining.

    So anyway: re the sitting at full till it's half gone (and that is a pretty accurate "half gone" based on stated tank capacity and my computed mileage) and the instantly dropping to "half"--is this what it's supposed to do? If so, I can go into the survey as "no failure yet"; if not, you can add me to the list of people who've experienced a failure, though a benign one.

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    When I replied to the survey I had just replaced my first fuel strip. One year later and I am about to replace my third. I am disappointed to say the least.
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    I'm working on number 6

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    Funny, went back and dug into the results. Apparently I said none back when this first came up. I'm on my third, but should have kept my first. It was only flakey between 3/4 and 1/2 a tank. Both the replacements have been odd from 1/2 to 1 bar...
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